Trip Itinerary



Day 1 (June 15, 2020, Mon): Los Angeles to Tokyo

Arrive at Los Angeles Airport. Check in. Fly to Tokyo.



Day 2(June 16, 2020, Tue): Arrive in Tokyo to Yokohama

Welcome to Japan! Arrive in the bustling, neon city of Tokyo.  

Meet your Tour Manager and transfer to Yokohama and meet your host family. 



Day 3 (June 17, 2020, Wed): Tokyo 

Experience the Modern Japan


Begin at the Imperial Palace Plaza, the main residence of the Emperor of Japan to learn about Japanese history.  Explore one of the oldest Buddhist temple, Asakusa Kannon Temple, where you will learn about Japan religions - Shinto and Buddhism


Meet ASIMO, the world’s most advanced humanoid robot at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation Museum.  At Toyota Mega Web Park, learn about the eco-motoring vehicles and the future design.

Experience the Japanese Pop culture at Harajuku. Compare Japan’s pop culture with the youth in the U.S.


Return to Yokohama.      



Day 4 (June 18, 2020, Thu): Tsukuba Science Park 

STEM Exploration

Morning /Afternoon 

Tsukuba Science Park is a science city with a focus on research and technology development.  Meet the expert at Cyberdyne Studio where you will learn how future use of robot technology aids industry, in particular medical rehabilitation.  Visit one of the research institutes to discover the latest discovery in Japan.


Return to Yokohama.   



Day 5 (June 19, 2020, Fri): Yokohama 

Educational Exchange


Full day cultural and educational exchange with the local Japanese students at one of the high schools where you will expose to Japanese cultural activities such as the traditional tea ceremony, kendo, or Taiko drum and their current STE(A)M development. 


Spend family time with your host family.  



Day 6 (June 20, 2020, Sat): Yokohama 

 Japanese Family Culture        


Full day practice your Japanese skills with your host family and experience Japanese family culture and lifestyle.   


Enjoy a farewell dinner with your host family.  



Day 7 (June 21, 2020, Sun): Yokohama to Hiroshima 

A Hiroshima Survivor's Story


Experience the bullet train to Hiroshima, a city famous throughout the world as the site of the first nuclear attack.


Explore the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, which dedicated to promoting peace. Built to commemorate the destructive atomic bomb dropped over Hiroshima in 1945. You will have a unique opportunity to meet one of the survivors and listen to the testimony.

Enjoy a relaxing scenic journey to Miyajima (shrine island). Board a ferry and sail towards the natural haven of the island, stopping to see playful monkeys and wild deer surround the renowned Itsukushima Shrine.


Check in hotel.  



Day 8 (June 22, 2020, Mon): Hiroshima 

Service Learning Project  


Travel to a local village and immerse yourself into a Japanese family life.  You will work on a case study of an aging village today.  Make a special type of sushi with the local ladies and enjoy a family style meal together at a Japanese home.  Pound mochi, sticky rice cake.  Learn Kendama, a Japanese skilled toy from a master.  


Return to hotel. Daily discussion and reflection.



Day 9 (June 23, 2020, Tue): Hiroshima to Kyoto 

Japanese Traditional Arts and Crafts             


Travel to the ancient capital, Kyoto. Immerse in Japan ancient history and culture. Explore the heritage sites. See the stunning Kinkaku-ji Golden Pavillion. Explore the beauty of Nijo Castle. Stroll along the historical street, Teramachi-dori Street. Learn about the history of Samurai warriors at the workshop where you will dress like a samurai warrior and practice the swordsmanship.


Farewell dinner followed by a final presentation. Check in to your hotel.



Day 10 (June 24, 2020, Wed): Kyoto to Los Angeles

Travel to Osaka Kansai Airport.  Fly to Los Angeles.

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